Kids join together to create paintings and have fun!

Every week kids are challenged to experiment with their imagination and skills. 

There is an "inspiration" of the day. A themed folder filled with possibilities.  Letting them have a choice in what they paint increases their ability to come up with ideas on their own. They will have a personal connection and pride for what they produce. A HUGE part of being an artist is being able to create!  By not having the activity strictly planned out for them, they have the opportunity to be unique and express themselves.  We also work on techniques to enhance their paintings.

They have fun as a group and find comaraderie painting together. A great way to socialize!


It is important for Kid's success in life to be able to think on their own.

Currently holding after school programs at Stone Mill ES, Wayside ES, Farmland ES, and Cold Spring ES 

Email Melissa: MLTRITTO@VERIZON.NET  with any questions..



 Check out Kids Paint Club Party website too!

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Some kind words: 

Thank you for your support and for all you taught my boy (Rafael). I know he always went his way, but I cannot express enough how much he learned.

He paid close attention to what colors to mix when he is painting and he draws at home all the time. Sometimes he goes on YouTube and asks for “how to draw…” and just does it.
You created an environment that helped him enjoy drawing and painting. That is priceless!!!!
Continue doing what you are doing, because it is making the world a better place… one brush stroke at a time! 
Thank you! 
Thanks, Miss Tritto! 
BTW, i’m not sure if Emma told you, her artwork (silhouette theme) was submitted to the reflection program and got chosen to the county-level competition. We are so proud of her and so happy to have you as her art mentor. :)

Thank you Ms Melissa for your kind mail.. so glad that Sajni got this opportunity and she is so excited about the class as many of her friends had said great things about the class….


Good mornin'!  Thanks for your email. I'm so grateful for your class. Your class was one of the really bright spots and memories from his first grade year.


Mrs. Tritto,

Thank you for all that you have done not only for Addison but all the kids. Wishing you a wonderful and beautiful summer!! 



Happy New Year, Melissa.

This is Ting, Charlotte's Mom. 

Charlotte told me her new year dream is being an artist in painting. 

Thank you so much for raising her interests in painting. 


Hi Melissa,Thank you. Emily loved the class!!! She is looking forward to join next year.- Orit


Savannah really really enjoyed your class. She loves art and you just brought out so much more confidence in her!!! Thanks, -Amy

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